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How I Am Different

People often ask how I am different from other financial advisors. I enjoy responding to that question because I believe I am different from other advisors in three key areas.

  1. Throughout the past 30 years, my emphasis has been helping our clients clearly define their vision for their future I believe in the importance of helping my clients envision their future – what it looks like, what it will mean to them and how it defines their purpose in life. I begin with a series of questions for our clients to discuss together, helping them describe their future in detail looking out 5-15 years. We revisit that vision periodically, making adjustments if their circumstances and/or their goals change over time.
  2. My structured approach to helping our clients develop a plan to achieve their vision Once our clients have defined their vision for their future, we use a structured approach to help them develop their Investment Policy Statement, their investment, income and goal plans and their investment portfolios. In addition to planning for their longer-term goals, I help them structure a way to meet their short-term goals – tying those goals to the specific dollars to pay for them.
  3. My core values which define the standards for how I serve my clients and run my business First, my core values affect the relationships I develop with our clients. Because of my respect for human life, I make every effort to provide a personal touch, sensitive to the needs and challenges our clients face, listening to them so they feel heard and understood, and helping them develop realistic expectations so they can weather the storms without panicking. I believe my most important responsibility is to help provide them with a plan or blueprint that corresponds to their reality and provides a solid foundation and disciplined structure for their financial future. My core values are also evident in how I run my business. We have designed our service standards as well as our administrative and operational policies and procedures to create a framework for integrity and consistency so that our clients always know what to expect.

I believe that our emphasis on helping our clients define their vision for their future and our structured approach to helping them define a plan to get there, all based on the foundation of our core beliefs and values are the key reasons that our clients come to us and stay with us.

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