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Wealth Planning Topics

Justice may be blind, but your wealth planning shouldn’t be. A wise financial future requires careful planning, with no blindfolds. Intentional steps must be tailored to address who you are, your heart values and your specific life situation.

We explore a broad-range of wealth planning topics to understand your individual needs and goals. And then we design, implement and monitor your wealth plan to help you achieve those goals.

1. Asset Protection:

Provide a shield of protection around yourself and your family in the event of a major loss.

Protect your assets against exposure to loss through adequate and appropriate insurance coverage that meets your needs.

2. Estate Planning:

Leave a legacy for the next generation and the generations to come.

Encompass all that is important to you, your values, family and possessions, in addressing how your estate is to be passed down to your heirs.

3. Retirement Planning:

Envision your retirement and then create a plan to make it happen.

After creating a specific description of what your life will look like, we can help you create a plan to put you on a path to achieve it.

For more information on Retirement Planning, click on the brochure and request Getting from Here to There.

4. Transition Planning:

Help prepare your family for the day when they will take over for you.

We can guide you and your family and provide you the resources needed to prepare them for the eventual transition.

5. Tax Planning:

Position your money to your best tax advantage.

Understand how your income and investments are taxed. You can be confident that we will guide you to ensure that your assets are positioned more efficiently so you have more to enjoy and pass on to your family.

6. Planning with Children:

Ensure a better financial future for your children and grandchildren

Give your children and grandchildren the benefit of your knowledge and experience. Encourage them to start planning early for their own retirement.

Click on the brochure to request the brochure Tips for Helping Children Get off to a Great Financial Start.

7. Special Needs Planning:

Provide for the long-term care of your loved ones with special needs.

Develop specific strategies to provide for the care of a special-needs child or elderly parent that will continue for their lifetime.

8. Charitable Planning:

Leave a legacy to organizations you care about.

Your charitable life plan will enable you to leave a portion of your wealth to those groups, organizations, ministries or charities that have been the most meaningful to you and your family.

9. Planning for Business Owners:

Enable your employees and yourself to save on taxes while saving for retirement.

Create a sense of loyalty and appreciation as you and your employees save regularly through their employer sponsored retirement plan.

10. Debt Reduction Planning:

Achieve financial freedom by reducing or eliminating debt.

Financial independence gives you flexibility to live life the way you have always envisioned.

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