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Our Wealth Advisory Process

Our structured, seven-step process enables us to provide you with a detailed assessment of your current situation as well as a comprehensive, prioritized plan to fulfill your purpose and achieve your goals. We provide both initial and ongoing guidance so that you are able to see your progress and make refinements as necessary due to changes in your own situation or to adjust to changes in market conditions.

Step 1: Introductory Conversation

The Introductory Conversation is designed to determine whether our philosophy and process is a good match for what you need from a financial advisor.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting enables us to gather sufficient information to fully understand your goals, your current situation and your financial history to help us prepare to develop your Investment Policy Statement.

Step 3: Development Meeting

The Development Meeting enables us to further explore your risk tolerance and your vision for your future in order to complete your Investment Policy Statement.

Step 4: Presentation Meeting

We review and discuss your Investment Policy Statement, as well as proposed investment strategy and allocation plan, and determine next steps.

Step 5: Implementation Meeting

We resolve any outstanding questions or concerns, and then review and sign documents to open new accounts, transfer assets and implement investment strategy and allocation.

Step 6: Investment Follow-up and Wealth Planning Meeting

We review your quarterly reports, monthly statements and how to access information. We also begin to strategize towards meeting your wealth planning goals.

Step 7: Progress Review and Ongoing Strategy Meetings

We discuss any changes to your family, employment and financial situation. We address the selected wealth planning topic(s) and move forward with solutions. We provide a snapshot of the current economic condition as well as an update of your plan and portfolio. We answer any questions you may have and create action plans to ensure goals are being met.

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