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Our Investment Partners

Our Investment Partners

Longing, wishing and dreaming about building the perfect home can provide hours of enjoyment. However, the reality of actually breaking ground and starting construction is when the excitement begins!

In order to move from the dream into the reality, some important questions need to be asked:

Who will you partner with? Who will design it? Who will you trust to build it? Who will oversee the process to ensure your dreams are becoming reality? Who will walk with you through the unexpected circumstances and delays that come with constructing a home? Who can provide you with the best materials at an affordable cost?

You need ask yourself similar questions when it comes to your wealth management:

Who will be your partners? Who will design your portfolio and wealth management plan? Who will you trust to build a portfolio and plan that meets your needs? Who will oversee your portfolio to ensure that your dreams are becoming reality? Who will walk with you through turbulent and unexpected markets? Who can provide the building blocks to construct the portfolio at an affordable cost?

Kenneth E. Boone Wealth Management has partnered with two companies, Buckingham Strategic Parners (BSP) and Dimensional Fund Advisors, to provide us with the tools, support and building blocks we need to design and construct an investment portfolio that is customized to your needs and dreams for the future.

In addition to Buckingham Strategic Partners and Dimensional, a third partner is Schwab Institutional who we use as our custodian for the safe keeping of our clients’ funds.

Buckingham Strategic Partners

Buckingham Strategic Partners provides us with valuable support as a back-office, behind-the-scenes, out-sourcing partner. Their ability to handle in-depth reporting and administrative details frees us up to focus on building relationships and addressing client needs.

Under our direction, Buckingham Strategic Partners places trades, processes distributions and assists us with quarterly account rebalancing. They provide our clients with some of the best and most detailed reports available in the industry.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional provides the low-cost building blocks I need to construct financially sound portfolios.

Their academic research is second to none, and they are associated with some of the brightest financial minds, including four Nobel Prize Laureates. Their pure institutional asset-class funds are available only to an exclusive group of advisors who understand and apply the science of investing.

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